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26/03/19 — News

Bigger, better, more beautiful booklets

We’re always pushing for new ways to bring excitement to the brand experience. And the humble booklet is our latest target. Quick, easy and economical to print, we’re upping the wow factor by bringing them to life in bigger formats, with smarter spines and heavier covers.

Digitronix Print Lab’s new PowerSquare 160 booklet making system is one of only 5 in the country.  It’s a high capacity booklet making system that can handle booklets up to A4 landscape, heavy cover stocks (up to 400 gsm), up to 160 pages (of 80 gsm stock) and delivers finished booklets with a square spine for a premium feel, flat opening and easy packing and stacking.

Tom Stevenson, Managing Director, Digitronix explains:

“Businesses are still investing in print, but are far more aware of its ability to set or change perceptions of their brand. Our Print Lab exists to help creative teams, including our own, and businesses use print and finishing to help them achieve business objectives in creative ways. Investing in new kit is integral to this and the new PowerSquare 160 gives us the capacity to bring another level of finishing into the mix.”

Taking a creative approach to how brands are experienced in print, Digitronix Print Lab works closely with brands across the country and agencies across Leeds.

From duplex printing to 12 colour large format print and white ink digital printing to digital foiling, we’re working hard to bring excitement to your printed materials. Machine and hand finishing also includes folding, creasing  and standard stitched booklets as well as stitching of extra thick items, like voucher books. This new kit means that we can help brands to bring a new level of quality to booklets.

Call Carrera on 0113 457 9030 to find out more.

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